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What happened to the American Dream ?

The struggle to hold onto the "American dream" has been lost for most in the small town of Pecos, Texas.

On a recent trip through the area, I was shocked and saddened by the shattered hopes reflected in the once thriving businesses. I remember coming here with my father when i was a very young girl. He was a truck driver and hauled Cantaloupes from Pecos to the market in San Antonio. Pecos was a fun place to be in the summer. The melons were the best you could get ! To this day, when I am lucky to find a Pecos melon in our local store, I snatch it up, place it near my nose and take a deep breath of its sweet aroma.

Once a bright and cheerful place, as reflected by some of the remaining colors on the doors, it is now almost a ghost town.

This is an ongoing project, so check back for more pictures every once in a while.

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