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Aromatherapy massage is the art and practice of applying powerful plant extracts known as essential oils to the body to bring about physical, emotional and spiritual harmony and balance. Each essential oil has it's own individual properties and will be chosen by the therapist for a specific reason which will relate to the client's physical and emotional well-being. Once several oils that will complement each other have been selected and diluted in a carrier oil, a basic full body Swedish massage will follow. A combination of strokes and heat ensures the passage of the oils through the skin, into the bloodstream and then circulate every organ system in the body. Over the next 24 hours these essential oils will work to create positive change within the individual. Aromatherapy Massage is a truly enjoyable way of keeping stress levels low, immune systems high and emotional equilibrium.

 What is an Aromatherapy Body Wrap?

Warm towels soaked with custom-blended essential oils bathe you in the deep aromatic genius of plants and flowers. Pamper yourself with this healing treatment which includes foot, shoulder, neck and face massage.


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