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What is on-site chair massage?

On-site massage is an over the clothes, acupressure massage to a person who is seated. It is designed to be used in offices where the benefits of the massage are needed. Benefits such as those listed in the "benefits to companies and individuals" sections below.

Humans were not designed to sit at desks for hours upon end, slouched over keyboards and swizzle in our chairs from side to side. Your body tells you this, have you ever suffered with back ache, shoulder pain, neck ache, leg cramp, sore eyes, fatigue?

These are all problems that Austin Healing Touch can help relieve.

The concept of on site massage was born in the USA in 1984. The popularity of this type of massage has grown immensely. First and foremost - it works!. Renowned for its health promoting, stress relieving and enjoyable benefits.

On site massage is based on a traditional form of Japanese massage called ANMA which simply means press and rub. It was first introduced to Japan 1500 years ago and records even go back as far as 3000 years B.C.

A growing number of businesses are providing massage as part of their employee wellness programs.

Businesses know that having healthy employees translates into increased competitiveness in the marketplace. Workers that are healthy and well contribute to a company’s productivity — and that means profits.

Many employers are noticing the positive effects of an on-site massage program as part of their wellness program. Moreover, they have found massage to be a cost-effective benefit, the cost of which employees are willing to share.

Our on-site chair massage program allows your company to be on the cutting edge of bringing the benefits of massage to the workplace.

On-site massage is becoming one of the fastest growing employee wellness benefits that companies offer.  It is a safe, convenient, cost-effective program that boosts employee morale and provides valuable health benefits. On-site chair massage is available to all sizes and types of businesses from small offices to large corporations.

Description of Services:

On-site massage does not require a private room and can be offered at the workstation, in a conference or work room. The massage therapist may use a special chair or a chair available in the office. Selection is dependent upon the client’s comfort and space available in the environment.

The length of a massage session is 10-15 minutes, the length of a typical work break. During the massage, the recipient is seated and fully clothed. No oil is used. Therefore, no change in attire is necessary. The massage therapist uses techniques that focus on the upper part of the body – neck, head, shoulders, back, and arms - where most of us carry our stress.

Advantages of workplace massage

  • Increases employee performance and productivity
  • Reduces adverse effects associated with repetitive work tasks and prolonged sitting positions
  • Appeals to a broad employee base
  • Improves good feelings about the workplace
  • Enhances employee loyalty
  • Relieves tension and tired muscles
  • Reduces employee absenteeism
  • Energizes employees and motivates them to return to work


Benefits to companies:

  • Employer's active commitment to the well being of their employees
  • Shows employees you care
  • An attractive perk of the job - attracting new staff
  • Requires no overhead to maintain and no capital investment for start up
  • Significantly reduces sick days taken
  • Reduces stress and flustering
  • Nurtures the working environment
  • Revitalizes employees in 20 minutes leaving them refreshed and alert
  • Produces results in minutes, not days, weeks, or months
It's a Versatile Benefit, Too!

You may find on-site chair massage a great way to:

  • Recognize birthdays
  • Provide relief to personnel working overtime on special projects
  • Show appreciation or use as an award or incentive
  • Use as a bonus for achieving company and individual objectives

Studies have shown:

* The average back and neck pain case costs business and industry $24,000 annually.

* Up to 90% of all visits to primary care physicians are for stress-related complaints.

* Up to 80% of industrial accidents are due to stress.

* Over 50% of lost work days are stress-related.

* 14% of all workers say stress caused them to quit or change jobs in the previous two years.

"Employee Burnout:America's Newest Epidemic" (Northwestern National Life);
"Job Stress: The 20th Century Disease" (UN International Labor Organization);
"Mitchum Report on Stress in the '90's."



The average cost is $50-$60 per hour per therapist.  Usually with a 2 hour minimum.

The best way to offer on-site or work-site chair massage from Austin Healing Touch is to have your employees sign up for 12-minute massages. The massages will begin on the hour, quarter after, on the half hour, and quarter till (1:00, 1:15, 1:30, 1:45). That allows 12 minutes for the massage, and 3 minutes to clean up and prepare for the next client.

Another way this can work is to allow each employee to chose the length of the massage (5 minutes to 30 minutes). You just need to leave 3 minutes between each appointment for prep time.

Just let your imagination go - we can work out the best way to meet your company's individual needs for your employees to enjoy the benefits of on-site chair massage.

We can be at your office on a regular basis - weekly, every other week, or once a month. Regular work-site massage has proven benefits, such as reduced sick days, improved morale, reduced stress and tension, increased productivity and job performance.

Austin Healing Touch can provide you with options to incorporate massage into your workplace wellness program. Consider an ongoing program to achieve long term results or our event package for special occasions or promotions.

Austin Healing Touch carries  malpractice insurance, which covers five areas of liability--professional, general, personal and advertising injury, products and completed operations, and damages to premises.

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